The tour will explore the long and ongoing relationship between our land and our history. Building a city in a swamp offers unique challenges.  Why this area was chosen in the first place will be a part of the story, as will Hurricanes Katrina and Betsy, and the great flood of 1927.


The bus will travel to view the Industrial Canal and the 17th Street Bridge as areas of greatest devastation in 2005, highlighting the improvements made since then to face future hurricanes.  The bus will also take you to the protective wetlands, presenting our ongoing concerns and proposed programs.  There will be a full stop at the New Canal Lighthouse on Lake Ponchartrain, where there are interactive exhibits.  


The tour will also present our unique plant & animal life of South Louisiana; from the Red Fish, crawfish, and oysters to invasive species like nutria and Formosan termite.


By the end of the tour, you will have learned our ecosystems and so much more than just a Hurricane Katrina overview.


Duration: three and a half hours

Location: throughout New Orleans area from Lake Pontchartrain to the protective wetlands,


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